Divercity© - Field Study ::: The installation is based on our urbanistic research, done together with ifau Berlin (Christoph Heinemann, Christoph Schmidt): "Divercity© - New Strategies for Evolving Urbanity. It is present under www.berlin.heimat.de/divercity.
Divercity© describes urban planning as an open source project and looks at the opportunities and consequences for the participants in a planning process. The particular aspect that has been dealt with up to now is the aspect of an evolutive development despite abandoning urban planning sovereignty and possible strategies for co-operative planning and action in dealing with an open, process-orientated planning method.
Divercity©- Field Study transferes this research to a metaphoric level. The visitors can interfer in the labaratory situation of a plant field. It is obvious what to do: planting, watering, supporting ... Some of the tools are to reach only with the help of other visitors. The developement of the plantfield depends on the cooperation of the Biennale visitors.